Aircraft Seat Actuator Systems

Next generation Intelligent Actuator designed to meet the toughest challenges

What is a Aircraft Seat Actuator?

An Aircraft Seat Actuator system is often used to move the height or a position of the seat within which its used. The seat could be for the pilot, other crew or passengers. In the case of military jets the could even be on a fast jest ejection seat actuator.

Civilian and military aircraft control regulations are very strict which means actuator systems used must be extremely reliable and rigorously tested.  

seat actuator

What makes our Aircraft Seat Actuator different?

OTM has designed and manufactured gearing and actuation solutions for the Aerospace and Defence sectors for almost 60 years. Our solutions are specifically designed and customised for where reliability, positional accuracy and supreme power to weight ratio are vital.

Our core technology has been tried and tested over many aerial projects from supplying the global leader in ejector seat actuator to commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Importantly all our Actuators are ITAR Free, so there’s no prohibition on supply.

How we design and build our Aircraft Seat Actuator

OTM has devoted a significant amount of time to developing supremely accurate and reliable actuation solutions. To facilitate the journey towards achieving the best possible end result, we have honed our design and build process. This was achieved through decades of learning how best to solve the toughest problems in defence and aerospace in particular.

When we approach the problem-solving process, we first exactly define the challenge to be solved. Then we conclude what the successful solution would look like. The OTM design process is highly collaborative – one where our designers and engineers consider all possible solutions in a constraint-free environment. The pool of knowledge and experience within our Innovation Lab enables us to carry out full analysis and comparison with evidence-based assessment on likely success.

Designing Ejection Seat Actuator
Aircraft Seat Actuator

Intelligent Actuator Solutions

OTM has developed a suite of Intelligent Actuator Solutions. This means that not only will they save precious weight, they open up a wealth of new opportunities. 

These opportunities include providing users with personalised seating position. In this way dimensions such as high and pitch can be linked to a personal identifier. The identifier could be  a magnetic strip card or smart-phone based.  

How can we help?

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