About OTM

The forerunner in provision of bespoke, innovative, space-constrained, high performance electromechanical/mechatronic solutions.

Actuator DesignEngineering is part of the DNA of OTM. Current owner and former MD, Peter Try’s grandfather, Walter, started cutting gears in the 1920s and later, Peter’s Dad Arthur, took the business into high precision gears in the 1960s.

Since then OTM has used cutting edge engineering design to solve the toughest problems on behalf of our customers in the Oil and Gas and Defence industries. When companies have tried and failed using off-the-shelf actuator applications, OTM is the trusted destination for tailored, bespoke actuation solutions that can operate under extreme conditions of climate, space or weight.

The team today are naturally proud of their history but prouder still of the innovation they bring to solving customer problems. When the problem seems unsolvable, customers find that our innovative in-house designs and proven manufacturing excellence provide the perfect resource for the supply and support of high reliability actuation systems.

Our company ethos is based around attentive, first class customer service delivered by our expert team of engineers, designers, project managers and support staff.  By listening, first and foremost, and then talking through the customer’s issues, we get the job done and ensure we deliver the actuator product that best meets their individual needs.

More on OTM and our Bespoke Actuator Deployment

Have a look at this brief video for more information on how we have used our engineering expertise to succeed in solving problems where others have failed.