Meet the Team



Tim Luscombe

Tim qualified as an accountant (but please don't hold that against him) more years ago than he cares to remember! In 2016, OTM came calling for Tim's business expertise and advice and he joined as a non-exec director before stepping up to managing director in April 2018.

Tim has fond memories of working in his father's manufacturing business where he was first exposed to the complex but exciting world of international trade. The managing director's role is an opportunity to set the platform for future product and market innovation building on the great foundations that have been laid by Peter and the team.

Outside work, Tim is the father to three adult children and a keen golfer.

Ron Wilkes

Sgt. Peppers had only just hit the charts when Ron first joined OTM in 1967 as an apprentice. He became part of the drawing office team in 1969 and progressed to manager whereupon he decided to take his skills elsewhere. But we couldn’t live without him and he was asked back in 1978 to take control of the design office where he has been ever since. As far as actuators go, tell Ron it can’t be done and he’ll find a way to do it. He takes enormous pride in watching drones fly as a result of flight control applications he successfully designed and built where competitors had failed.

Away from the drawing board Ron likes nothing more than having fun with his grandchildren or reading up on his favourite period of history – the Tudors. He has also been Governor of a local junior school for the last 25 years and won South of England Governor of the Year in 2006.

Marie Turner

Marie was in a customer services role for over 10 years before, in 2008, she came to OTM on a two-week temp placement. Over nine years later she’s still here and going strong as Account Manager. Her experience gives her a good understanding of how a business needs to work both front of house and behind the scenes and she ensures that, for staff and customers alike, OTM operates like a well-oiled machine – or perhaps an expertly-designed actuator!

Marie is a sun lover and outside of OTM, she seeks a well-earned holiday in the warm as often as she can but, failing that, she’s never happier than when spending time with family and friends. She is a regular visitor to the gym but wouldn’t claim to love it all that much. But she goes and that’s the main thing!!

Dil Dhaliwal

Dil began his working life as a CNC lathe programmer and, after two years on the shop floor, decided it was time to broaden his experience. It was eight years ago, therefore, that he duly moved to OTM as a Design Engineer. During that time he has worked in areas of testing, investigation/development, design and project lead/management as well as representing OTM at exhibitions and customer meetings.

He has become a key figure at OTM in project lead/management forming that crucial link between customer requirements, project planning, actuator development and product delivery. Dil has a particular soft spot for the OTM Pole Extender as it presented some unique challenges and it was the first design project he led from start to finish.

He likes to spend time with family and friends away from work but equally values the close-knit team environment at OTM that makes his day-to-day work life a pleasure.

Stephen Rhodes

Stephen left University with a degree in Motorsport Technology in 2006 and felt compelled to apply for the first job he saw – a mechanical design position at OTM. Being a true engineer, he was fascinated by the wide variety of applications in our portfolio and the harsh environments they have to endure. A dedicated team member for over 10 years, he still gets a buzz from solving new and varied challenges.

Stephen thrives on the end-to-end involvement that OTM projects involve and uses his amazing attention to detail to ensure that product design achieves the absolute best fit, form and function for any specific application.

Stephen feels the ejector seat applications are one of his proudest achievements being small enough to fit in the restricted seat assembly yet able to withstand a full ejection. That represents life or death for a pilot in an emergency.

Outside of OTM he keeps fit by cycling and swimming. For the last two years he has dragged the design office team to the Great British Beer Festival for a social bonding event. We’re assured it was a total success!

James Rennie

When mechanical design engineer James joined OTM three years ago, he brought with him valuable experience in both the marine and bio-pharmaceutical industries. Now firmly established in the design team at OTM he is heavily involved in both new and existing actuator development. James has used his experience in the marine industry, and what he has learned at OTM, to become a specialist in actuator sealing improvement. This means they can withstand the harsh external conditions required by many of our customers’ applications. He is also highly skilled in maximising weight reduction without compromising product integrity ensuring the actuator will continue to withstand its maximum load even under significant space and weight constraints.

It was putting all these skills into operation on OTM’s latest and most advanced Control Surface Actuator that, for James, represents his stand-out project for the company.

Outside the walls of OTM James enjoys playing both eleven and five a side football as well as enjoying a bit of Belgian and French culture where he visits family a few times each year.

Ian McKeand

Ian is trained in engineering which means he is in possession of excellent technical knowledge and a vital understanding of OTM products but it was many years ago when he discovered that looking for, and after, customers was his real forte.  His pedigree in manufacturing, and aerospace and defence industries in particular, is substantial having worked previously, among others, for BAS Components in Kent and Taxrale Electrics in Wolverhampton.

But it has been at OTM where he has spent the longest period of his sales career having joined in 2002. His natural communication skills and his strength as a team player meant that he fitted into the OTM work ethic seamlessly. Perhaps more importantly our customers enjoy working with him enormously whether they are large blue chip organisations or smaller, more autonomous concerns.

Like every good salesman, Ian spends a lot of time on the road and when he gets away from OTM business he’s a self-confessed grumpy old man who tries to raise his spirits by walking the dog, playing the occasional game of golf and teaching his grandchildren how to swim and ride bikes.

Gareth Watson

OTM has had the benefit of Gareth’s talent and good looks (his words not ours) in the accounts department for just over three years. He gained much valuable experience working in finance for a variety of engineering SMEs and, like OTM, his previous role was also in the military sector.

Generally Gareth is happy to leave the engineering to the engineers as all things money-related are his speciality. He loves nothing more than engrossing himself in a good spreadsheet and visitors to the accounts department can often hear his dulcet tones as he moans about how much money is being spent unnecessarily.

Being a ‘bean counter’ he is dissuaded from going anywhere near the products but, having said that, he is enormously proud of the ejector seat actuators that OTM developed for Martin Baker as these actively contribute to saving lives.

Away from the calculator Gareth does his best to be Super Dad to his two girls. He’s put his carpentry skills to excellent use and built them a playground in the garden. One day, when time is more available he still harbours a burning desire to restore a classic car.

Nigel White

After a lengthy spell helping companies like Shell and Piper Alpha in the deep sea diving industry, and later in pneumatic conveying systems, Nigel chose to bring his expertise to OTM and has been with us now for over 10 years. As Administration Manager, there’s not much that happens in OTM without Nigel’s input as he is the one that ensures everyone knows what is happening and when. He is the glue that binds the entire workforce together from sales to design to the shop floor to the customer.

When he’s not keeping us all in line you’ll find Nigel with his wife at the stables tending to their two horses, taking long walks their five dogs or taking his frustrations out on a small white ball on the golf course.

Tomasz Rzasa

A recent addition to the team, Tomasz joined OTM in July 2019 after working for 12 years in various engineering roles across a number of industries - chiefly oil & gas, defence and forensics. A perfect match for us therefore as joining OTM seems like merging all these into one.

At OTM he is Chief Inspector responsible for our small inspection and test team and the Quality Assurance side of the business. The role is a new one for him and, as well as developing his existing skills at the cutting edge of engineering innovation at OTM, he is actively learning new ones in this key area of the business. His objective is to help keep OTM as a market leader in the manufacture of the best quality actuation systems.

With engineering in his blood, Tomasz has a real passion for the Thales missile fin actuator. He loves the fact that it is pure mechanical engineering genius without any modern electronics or gimmicks and is still in very high demand even after 30 years on the market.

Away from OTM Tomasz enjoys recharging his batteries on mountain holidays and off-roading. His dream trip right now would be one where he could combine the two. 

Ray Walford

Ray joined OTM servo bringing with him 40 years’ experience in the aerospace, defence and oil and gas industries including designing and developing the interiors for the concord refurbishment and the Advance Turbo Prop aircraft.

His main responsibility is managing the growth and success of the production engineering team. He develops and measures team performance in order to meet the needs of the business. He oversees and manages the day to day running of the manufacturing, fitting and assembly departments, ensuring production plans are met and the best use of machinery and personnel to maintain continuity of product are utilised.

Ray doesn’t have a favourite OTM product as such. His passion at work is developing our apprentices and nurturing their journey, by providing effective training methods and giving them independence.

In his spare time he is a dedicated family man. He likes nothing more than spending quality time with his wife, three children and his adorable granddaughter, the newest and most exciting addition to the family. In his words, she’s bright, bubbly and has a tonne of personality. He’s one of those people whose mind never stops working so he’s always doing jobs around the house, building work or spending time in his vegetable patch.