Taking Actuator Design to New Levels of Performance

At OTM we relish a challenge. When that challenge is one of gaining maximum power from an actuator unit that has to perform in extreme temperature conditions, when weight restrictions are at a premium or when operating space is constrained – or maybe all three – you’ve got us interested. We’re delighted to have met this challenge, and succeeded, time and again where others have failed.

Our challenge to you…tell us it can’t be done!

We are proud to be the forerunner in provision of bespoke, innovative, space-constrained, high performance electromechanical/mechatronic solutions.

Our global customers in the aerospace, defence and oil and gas industries rely on us to achieve precision movement and control in constrained conditions when off the shelf solutions simply can’t do the job. Our pioneering technology and engineering design deliver tailored solutions that are smaller and lighter – but significantly more powerful.